13:00 min.

Written/Directed by Aleksey Lapin
Produced by Claudia Joldes / in collaboration with Filmacademy Vienna
With: Florian, Veronika, Katerina und Martin Schöpfer, 
Khasan Bozorov, Johanna Prosl, Barbara Tumpach, Tom Feichtinger, u.a.
DoP: Albert Car
Sound: Maria Lisa Pichler, Marius Mertens
Sounddesign: Dominic Kubisch
Production Design: Andrej Rutar, Keili Retter
Costumes: Natalya Lugovaya
Editing: Daniel Rutz
Grading: Andi Winter
Two siblings are sitting in the flower shop of their parents and observing the street in front of them. The older sister Vroni tells her brother Florian that she is an entity from another planet. From there she can see the future of the Earth. A big change is coming soon.